Mushroom, blueberry and walks

In the woods around the farm there is ample opportunity to pick blueberries, raspberries and mushrooms in the season that is in the period of July to October.

See our short video from the forrest in Sibbalt

Hallandsleden (National Trail)

Hallandsleden (trail, route) is relatively close to the farm and here are really nice stretches, so pack the backpack with a little lunchpack to eat and drink for the trip, there are so many wonderful experiences for people of all ages.

See routes here - we belong to southern Halland

Flammefallet (The burning waterfall)

Nice trip to Flammefallet 15 min drive from the farm.

Flammefallet is a small waterfall. Due to water ocher red color, called Flammefallet (Burning water).

See google map for location


Mountain bike routes

In addition to the fact that there are plenty of challenging routes in the forest near the farm, there are approx. 20 min. from the farm a great route to mountain bikers - enjoy!

See mountain bike card

More inspiration and routes here

Mellbystrand (The Beach)

It is said to be Sweden's best beach and it is only 35 min. drive from the farm.

Remember sunscreen and hat.

Moose Safari

We see many Moose around the farmhouse in the forests, but you have to move and be quiet.

Alternatively, we recommend a nice Moose Safari for both children and adults - take the trip with their "train" through the park. Lots of information about Moose and bison. It takes a good hour in the park.

See the Elgsafari website

Golf Courses

There is several golf courses close to the farm.

One at the right end is Halmstad-Tönnersjö Golf Course.

Se more here 

Gräddhyllan (Cream shelf)

Super nice and delicious lunch and coffee / cake place.

Located on the road to Markaryd approx. 20 min. drive from the house.

Se Gräddhyllands hjemmeside here

Kvärnen i Kornhult

This beautiful place have the most delicious lunch and cozy atmosphere. 

Visit and get a great experience.

See their website here 


Horseback Ridning

Approximately 40 min. drive from the farm house you can have lovely trips on Icelandic horses.

Rent Icelandic horses

Brio Toy Museum

Brio toy museum and shop is 45 min. drive from the farm

Brios websites

Canoe rental

Canoe rental in Hjörnered.

Rent canoes and sail downstream for a couple of hours, with the opportunity to drop the canoes there.

Nice trip where your brought food can be enjoyed along the banks of the river.

Canoe rental website

Skiing at Hallandsåsen

Skiing at Hallandsåsen

35 min. from the house is Vallåsen ski center.

Family slopes for alpine - have some nice days in the open air.

Vallåsens website

The old mill in Knäred

Visit the old water mill in Knäred - cozy and then it is running again. There are beautiful waterfall where you can swim and wonderful facilities for barbecues and walking tours - excellent trails for physically disabled.

The mills website

Fishing in Lagan river

Krokåen is approx. 2 km from the house, one can catch trout.

6 km from the house are the large salmon in the Lagan river. Sweden's 10th largest lake, Bolmen, is approx. a 50 min. drive away, you can caught beautiful pike and other common lake fish.

Put-and-take fishing is available ml. Knäred-Hinneryd approx. 10 km. from the house. 

Fishing signs are bought in the tourist information in Laholm.

See more about Laholm's salmon fisching here

Heather Meadow and lake beach

Mästocka Heathermeadow is one of the few heather meadows left in Sweden. It is a preserved area and maintained with regular burning. It is located 5 km from the house. In Mästocka there is also a nice lake with a small beach, bathing bridge and timber raft. There is a changing room, a toilet, a shelter, tables and benches and a barbecue with free firewood. Pack a lunch basket and your swimwear and spend a whole day by the lake.

Read more about the Heather meadow here

Sia ice Cream

Swedish ice cream that really tastes - at spot prices.

Here you will find:

Full range of SIA IS in all wrapping sizes and flavors
Second soretering at very good prices
Delicatesses from local producers
The shop is located at Stenlösvägen 33 in Slöinge, a short distance from the E6 / E20 between Halmstad and Falkenberg (exit 48)

Visit Sia Ice Cream

Wäpnö - Open Farm

Wapnö is a visiting farm where you can see through the windows the everyday lives of the animals and follow the dairy. Milking in the carousel between 10.15.

Also visit the technical ladder 2.2 km,

Opening hours on Wapnö: Everyday and Saturdays ml. 10-16.

Visit Wapnö's website

Open air swimming pool

Open air swimming pool

Flammabadet in Knäred is a large swimming pool and leisure area, here are swimming pools, tennis, boules and other activities.

See more on Flammebadets website

Loppis/Flea Market

Do you fancy old things or nice rattle - visit a Swedish Flea Market.

There are many small flea markets in most of Sweden. You can make a good bargain.

Try Annas Kuriosa

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