Halmstad City

Halmstad has a nice town center with a harbor and fortifications in the old town. Halmstad town has plenty og shops and restaurants, so you can get your shopping and city needs covered.

Distance from the farm approx. 35 min. by car.

Laholm City

Laholm has not many shops, but it has a nice town center where you can enjoy an ice cream.

And you can take a nice tour with the river boat (LAGAN river)

Laholm is approx. 20 min. from the farm by car.

Gekås Shopping, Ullared

Shopping no. 1 - would some say...

Gekås is located in the small town of Ullared which is 1 1/2 hours drive from the farm.

Rarely seen huge supermarket with surrounding shopping centers and restaurants. An experience, yes!

With approx. 60 payment boxes open at a time and a constant flow of buses arriving from most of Sweden, Denmark and Norway -  perhaps you can imagine the amount of people and goods?

Candy factory

Godis (Candy) - Most children greatest whish...

Herrgårdstoppen, is a creamball factory with a huge selection of ... yes, Candy, candy, candy.

It is approx. 25 min. from the farm.

Remember the toothbrush :-) 

Link to the factory 


Charming and exclusive Båstad.

Beautiful, aesthetic and "delicious" little slice of southern Sweden - Definitely worth a visit.

ca. 35 min. from the farm


Approx. 6 km. from the farm house in Knäred there are shopping opportunities in our grocery store.

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