Hjortehegnet (Deer Park)

You will get a nice experience and can order nice food on a visit to Hjortehegnet (The Deer Park) approx. 10 km. from the farm. Go for a walk in the "Deer Park" with lots of wildlife.

See The Deer Parks website here

Gräddhyllan (The Cream Shelf)

Super nice and delicious lunch and coffee / cake place at "The Creme Shelf".

Located on the road to Markaryd approx. 20 min. drive from the house.

See Gräddhyllans website here

Kvärnen (The Mill) in Kornhult approx.

A nice experience to eat at Kvärnen (The Mill) in Kornhult approx. 20 km from the Farm house.

See Kvärnens website here 


Knäred's Pizzaria - Pizza and other dishes.

See menu and opening hours here

 Hvor er her fantastisk og så kun lidt mere end to timer fra København, hvor vi bor - vi kommer igen!